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RTA V2 chassis set with electronic – RT045 V2


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Optimized version of RTA.
Kit equipped with 20A brushless ESC, metal gear servo and aluminum servo horn.
This kit contains all the V1.2 parts, the new front end V2, as well as the essential options in order to make a chassis “ready to win” as soon as it is assembled.
The objective of this new version was to make a better quality kit, easier to assemble and setup. We have therefore completely redesigned the rear suspension in order to increase rear traction while simplifying its adjustment.
In order to make a “ready to run” chassis, the kit is now equipped with a dual spring shock absorber and a ball differential.
All the parts of this RTA V1.2 are adaptable on the RTA V1 and vice versa.

List of new parts included in this kit:

  • RT001 V2
  • RT002 V1.2
  • RT003 V2
  • RT004 V1.2
  • RT005 V1.2
  • RT007 V1.2
  • RT008 ​​V1.2
  • RT009 V1.2
  • RT010 V1.2
  • RT011 V1.2
  • RT015 V1.2
  • RT016 V1.2
  • RT017 V1.2
  • RT019 V1.2
  • RT020 V1.2
  • RT024 V1.2
  • RT025 V1.2
  • RT074
  • RT078
  • RT079
  • RT080 (optional aluminum frame)
  • RT088 (center pivot system)
  • Black T6 Torx screws
  • 20A brushless ESC
  • metal gear servo
  • Aluminium 7075-T6 servo horn

=> Video assembly instructions (English): HERE

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