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Front end A-Arms RTA V2 – RT003 V2


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New design of the front axle of the RTA V1.2 :

  • New arms mounting system:
    • More free and responsive front end
    • Long-term stability
    • Identical system on all 4 arms
  • New design:
    • No more friction between the arm and the bar
    • Reduced contact surface to limit friction
  • Easier to adjust:
    • Removed droop adjustment
  • Improved stability:
    • Added 3 degrees of caster
  • Improves handling :
    • Added 1mm of track on each side
    • Improved ackerman angle

Build tips :

  • Add 1mm length on each steering rod => Final length: 24.6mm
  • Make work the knuckles balls in the arms to make the whole smooth
  • We advice to use sway bar with it (RT081)
  • RT001 V1.2 is not compatible. Please use RT001 V2

Product Contents :

One aluminum bar
4 arms
4 screws
4 arm pins

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